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Global Youth Leaders' Summit 2014

1000 Youths over 100 schools, 10-part programme in 1 Big Venue. Themed, "Embracing FRIENDShip for All".

We have shortened this summit to 1 day instead of our usual 1.5 days. This year, we strived want short yet impactful submit with less talks and more action!

A total turnout of over 800 youths took part in our 6th Global Youth Summit 2014, more than what was planned with this year closed to 40 delegates flew in just for the summit.

During this summit, we have launched our new National Character Recognition Award (NCRA) where we recognise youth leaders who exhibit great character and leadership capabilities and competency. Nominations will start 1st September 2014 to 30 June 2015 where 15 outstanding youths will be given the opportunity to represent Singapore as a delegation team during a 2-week leadership exchange in Hong Kong!

We have also created a milestone to create a Singapore Book of Record with the most number of photos upload in Instagram for the last 6 hours.

What an impactful and unforgettable summit this year!


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