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Global Youth Leaders' Summit 2015

As Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee this year, Agape Group Holdings and Character and Leadership Academy joins in the celebration by inviting youth leaders from Singapore and various countries around the region for Global Youth Leaders' Summit. It brought us great pleasure in presenting an enhanced edition of the 7th instalment that had been specially tweaked to a unique, never-before-seen affair where participant spent a significant amount of time around Singapore, recollecting Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's journey.

We put together a truly exceptional Summit programme, including enriching cultural and historical talks and walks, a "Makan on the Move" food trail, a film screening of "1965", a partnership signing between Agape Group Holdings and the South African High Commission, as well as the soft launch of HappYouths - an initiative to raise awareness for youth mental wellness.

This years GYLS was all about "Our Recollection of Building Happiness and Resilience". We planned for two important character traits, happiness and resilience, to be explored in this Summit. This was on top of our Summit's main focus on racial, religious harmony and social cohesion and integration. This event also commemorated the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew as well as the late Nelson Mendela, both of whom were great leaders and emblems of progress in their countries.

The movie screening of 1965 transported participants back to the colourful 1960s, portraying the lives of Singaporeans in that era and the nuances of Singapore. As Singapore's history unravels, 1965 shows how the pioneers of Singapore faced the war against racism and eventually settled down to call this small island their home.

Thank you to the many youth leaders who gathered together to commemorate Singapore's Golden Jubilee and the lives of the late Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

This year's Summit was fulfilling, memorable and inspiring for all the participants with opportunities to get to know other youth counterparts better, exchange exciting ideas and build stronger bonds that will last; towards a more cohesive, happy and resilient society for all.


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