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Global Youth Leaders' Summit 2019

In this day and age, we are constantly connected to the internet, and this year, how about we spend some time connecting to these people directly? Not through a screen, but physically face-to-face. Let's disconnect our connection with the internet to reconnect and reset.

We will be using the 3Cs, Community, Co-Creation and Compassion as the basis for this years summit. No matter the country, race or any demographic one might belong to, there will always be a need to come together with our different cultures, disciplines, varied skills and knowledge to create something of worth.

And the easiest way to begin this process we believe is to be kind.

Be kind to every kind.

We are honoured to have Senior Minister Ms Sim Ann and the South African High Commissioner to Singapore MC Mokitlane gracing the Summit. We also welcome Mr Delane Lim, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales and Dr Jason Leong as speakers this year.


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