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Global Youth Leaders' Summit 2018

GYLS is 10! And this year, we are bringing the light to lead. A life without light would be unimaginable and in the dark, a source of light acts as a beacon and gives direction to all. We, as leaders, are our own individual light. The way we carry ourselves as leaders, the way we speak and the way we respond is for all to see. Participants joining us this year will learn how to harness this light and lead the way in their daily lives.

We had speakers from Straits Times Generation Grit, Lee Wee Yong, Melvin Ang, Wong Zi Heng, ARCES and Papahan Films inspiring our future leaders, moderated by Lionel Dorai, the new CEO for FutuReady Asia!

We thank Yio Chu Kang Secondary School for hosting the conference and the South Africa High Commission for supporting this event! We also thank the National Youth Council, Health Promotion Board and Singapore Tote Board for this year’s support! To all the 21 participating schools and respective teachers and students who stayed throughout all 10 hours, a very big thank you to you as well. The summit would not have been possible without you.


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